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Very often one will hear the Arabic
word “Allah” being used in regards
to Islam
The word “Allah” is simply the Arabic
word for Almighty God, and is the
same word used by Arabic
speaking Christians and Jews.

If one were to pick up an Arabic
translation of the Bible
one would see the word
“Allah” being use where the word
“God” is used in English. Actually
the Arabic word for Almighty God
“Allah”, is quite similar to the word
for God in other Semitic
languages – for example
the Hebrew word for God is “Elah”.

For various reasons
some non-Muslims
mistakenly believe that Muslims
worship a different God than
the God of Moses and Abraham
and Jesus. This is certainly not the
case, since the Pure Monotheism
of Islam calls all people to the
worship of the God of Noah
Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all
of the other prophets.

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